Mary Anne is touring the country with her exciting “A DAY TO REMEMBER…DORIS DAY” presentation. She brings photos never-before-seen and memorabilia from her private collection to delight her audiences. Mary Anne shares touching stories about her time with screen legends, “The Girl Next Door,” and friends of Doris Day.

Motivational! Your group of young people or oldsters can learn how Mary Anne’s own fascination with her favorite movie star led her to determine to meet the famous gal in person. How making decisions to change her career, leave her home, and fullfil her dream led to circumstances in which Doris came to know and trust Mary Anne and engage her as her secretary. Then she invited Mary Anne to pursue her job right in Doris’s home. Listeners—any of us—can benefit from hearing how to follow our dreams and take the steps to make them reality.

Star-Struck Audiences of all ages can understand the thrill of experiencing the life and aura of one of Hollywood’s all-time stars as seen by someone living near and caring about a beautiful actress-singer at an apex time in the star’s life.